Wednesday, November 2, 2011

web hosting, and layouts, and time lines..oh my!

We just met in person with our "web guy", Ben.  We met at a cool wine bar down the street..and we got to expense it...whaaat???  Anyway, lots of far we're very happy :).

At first we talked through different web design sites (Big Commerce, Shopify, etc).  Great sites, but there are alot of fees that are hidden that are kind of a bummer.  So we decided to go with Open Cart.  A slight more bit of cash up front, but much less on a monthly basis...thus not eating as far into our profits.  Yay!  Also, we host the site ourselves (and no...we didn't know what that meant before last night, either).  It basically means that with the other sites your website is hosted through them and you pay your fees to them.  If something happened and they shut down...what happens to your site?  Instead, we get more control...and for a control freaks like us...priceless!

So, layout is decided on.  Hosting is set up.  Domain has been done.  Just need the logo back from the design guy (who is doing if for free!!!)...and we are on our way.  Now on to all of the small little details that we are sure to mess up!!!

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