Friday, December 16, 2011


Starting a new company, we are finding, is much like nurturing a newborn child.  All of you mothers out there can relate (and some dads, too).  All the site is doing at this point is sleeping, since it's not up and walking around yet (ie-available for the public to shop).  But we are finding that as a collective group, we are not sleeping, either.  We're working on the blog.  We're working on the assortment.  We're working to pay the bills... The site actually wakes us in the middle of the night with ideas (ie-needs fed).

Someday, when we are rich and famous from how gloriously successful this site is going to be, we will look back fondly on this time in Friendly Rooster's life.  For now, we need to catch some zzzz' this kid, here...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

I, the head Buyer for Friendly Rooster, was sometimes a sneaky child.  There were things in life I wanted, and all that stood in the way were my parents.  Case in point:  For several years I asked the Santa at our local mall to bring me a new puppy.  I had several failed attempts of trying to bring home stray animals, and in every case I was sent away to take the animal back to where I found it.  However, I figured that if SANTA brought me a puppy, then my folks would have to let me keep it.  Needless to say, Santa didn’t bring me a puppy…and I’m still bitter about it.

Another way I tried to get something I wanted through a mythical creature was with the tooth fairy.  In Kindergarten, I desperately tried to pull one over on our tooth collecting friend.  All of my classmates had lost a tooth, and in return a generous fairy showed up at night, took their tooth from under their pillow, and left these lucky kids with money.  I was dying to get my hands on some cash of my own.  So in November we were working with dried, colorful cobs of corn for an art project.  One of the kernels had fallen off, and it looked like a tooth.  I grabbed that kernel and placed it under my pillow at bedtime.  The next morning I woke up to that same dried corn kernel under my pillow.  To my dismay, the tooth fairy was smart and did not fall for my ploy.  Now…had I had one of these super cute tooth fairy pillows, maybe she would have made an exception.  They are made of soft corduroy, come in pink or blue as a nod to each gender, and it has a tiny pocket on the back…just large enough to fit a small tooth (and a dollar bill!).

So cute!  Anyway, these are of course not my most upstanding childhood memories, but they’re part of my past nonetheless.  And because of that, I will always respect the tooth fairy and Santa for standing their ground and for me not being able to outsmart them J.