Wednesday, September 10, 2014

But Their Feet Grow So Quickly!

Why invest in good shoes for your children, right? Their feet grow like weeds and they play rough. Well that’s precisely why they should have shoes of quality. 

Never mind the cute factor in our shoes, Friendly Rooster is more than just looks. We all want our children to have cute shoes, but we also want shoes that are developmentally good for their feet. 

Some facts about children’s foot health:
  • Critical foot development years happen from infancy through the toddler years
  • A shoe that is too rigid or too tight can change the shape of your child’s foot
  • Around 70% of foot problems come from wearing the wrong footwear
  • A child’s feet grow in spurts and often require new shoes every 3 to 4 months

And what does a doctor say have to say about it all? Let’s hear from Dr. Pamela Johnson, a pediatrician in Charlotte, NC. 

“Once a baby starts pulling up, that’s a great place to start introducing shoes. In the past, hard-soled shoes were recommended, but studies show that flexible soles are better for the feet and aiding in walking. Have your children's feet measured because they grow so fast. Ill-fitting shoes can do more harm than good and don’t forget to consult your physician if you have questions or concerns.”

Also, check out what the American Podiatric Medical Association says about buying children's footwear here

*Opinions expressed in this blog post are unique and may differ from others. Consult your physician on what is best for your child*