Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another happy customer

One of the absolute BEST parts of our jobs at is receiving pictures from our satisfied customers (well...the KIDS of those satisfied customers...).  Here is the latest...

Meet Berlin (isn't that name fantastic?!?!?!)

She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina (I think we're seeing a theme here...maybe we should introduce Berlin and Miles, our last customer share).  She loves flirting, blowing bubbles, nap time, and shoes.  Yes, we said!  Berlin's poor mama cannot take her Tip Toey Joey Peppy Sandals off, or Berlin is quite the unhappy child.  That is the second time we've heard that about these shoes.  I think that means the little ones love 'em!  Here is 2 more great pics of Berlin enjoying the outdoors in her new sandals!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ethical brand spotlight: Live and Luca

Friendly Rooster just received more spring styles from Live and Luca.  To quote Oprah, "what we know for sure" is that is proud to carry this brand.  Their shoes are literally one-of-a-kind.  Let us share a little about this amazing brand with you.

Livie and Luca was founded in 2005 by mom's Mitzi Rivas and Amie Garcia.  They founded the company on the philosophy that they wanted to live a meaningful life and to spread joy.  The joy, of course, comes from the original and whimsical design of their shoes.  Anyone who spends any time at all on Pinterest can see how often their styles are "pinned". I pinned the Peacock shoe we carry at FR, and within an hour it had been "repinned" and "liked" 5 times!  You can see for yourself at

Currently available on our site

Livie and Luca shoes are handmade, and one could argue that they are a work of art.  They are not mass produced on an assembly line.  That means that each pair is as unique as the child who wears them.  The shoes, in addition to being adorable, are also durable.  They are able to navigate playgrounds, country roads, and city streets.

Something to look forward to...these will be available soon

So, that covers the "Joy".  What about "the meaningful life"?  THAT comes through in how they chose to run their company and manufacturer their shoes.  Check this out:

  • 10% of their online sales is donated to charity
  • They partner with their customers and Art for Humanity ( ) to donate gently worn shoes to children in Honduras
  • They work with companies that use no harmful chemicals in their leather tanning process
  • Leather is lead free
  • Non-toxic glue is used in shoe production
  • Shoe boxes are made of 50% recycled paper
  • Brochures, business cards, and postcards are printed on post-consumer product and use soy ink
  • They choose factories that pay their workers a competitive salary (above the minimum wage), allow for accrued vacation time, and pay health benefits

Livie and Luca shoes may cost more than the shoes you can find at your local mall chain or department store.  But when you purchase these shoes for your child, you are also giving back and aligning yourself with a company who takes the higher ground.  That's something you just cannot put a price on.

Friday, March 23, 2012

In honor of Mad Men returning!

One of our favorite shows we all watch and talk about at is Mad Men. This show is so fantastic...the clothes, the stories, the one liners...and of course enjoying Jon Hamm on the screen for TWO HOURS during the season premier...complete heaven!

In honor of the show returning to Sunday nights, we have decided to pay tribute to Kiernan Shipka, the adorable and talented actress who plays Sally Draper.  Here she is in some of our favorite "Sally moments" from the show, as well as images of her out and about....

Great episode where Sally drives for Grandpa Gene

Being allowed to play with a plastic bag...weren't the 60's grand?!?!

Learning that her dad just scored Beatles tickets

Shopping for Christmas trees with brother, Bobby

Sitting in dad's office chair after running away from home

At the Emmy's

Hanging with dad, Don Draper (you know we had to find a way to sneak in an image of Jon Hamm)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thank you to Colorado Mountain Mom!

We want to thank The Colorado Mountain Mom blog for such a glorious review of our "Urby" shoes from Tip Toey Joey!  We're glad her son loved them as much as we do!  You can see her post here!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

flora and henri paired with tip toey joey

We love playing dress up, so it stands to reason that we love "playing dress up" with our kids shoes.  And what better brand is there to do this with than flora and henri?!?!  This entry finds us dreaming of flora and henri outfits together with Tip Toey Joey shoes that can be found at .  Enjoy!

Nothing says "on trend" like high waist diaper covers

The red shoes really pop this sleek look for little girls

All that is missing are some bloomers to complete this simple look

Love the surprising leopard print in the chic spring outfit

Nobody will mistake your little one as a girl for wearing blue in this outfit

Casual enough to play in, dressy enough for any party

This outfit SCREAMS Shirley Temple

Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter's final touches

Easter is such a fun time for dressing up little ones!  While we don't carry clothing at , we DO have items that complete that springtime Easter look for your little boy or girl.  Here is a sampling of some of our favorite shoes and accessories to complete your baby or child's ourfit on Easter Sunday:


Toyo Triliby by Fore

Natural Triliby by Fore

 Plaid Newsboy Hat by Appaman

Fishy Sandals by Tip Toey Joey

 New Mocky Shoes by Tip Toey Joey

 Flipper Boat Shoes by Pediped

Fisherman Boat Shoes by Tip Toey Joey


Blue "Twisty" Mary Jane Shoes by Tip Toey Joey

Peppy Sandals by Tip Toey Joey

Bright Mary Jane socks by Elegant Baby

Dot Tights by Elegant Baby

Sparkle Mary Janes by Morgan and Milo

Fizz dressy Mary Janes by Tip Toey Joey

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shoes for those in need  is very close to finding out about an AMAZING opportunity we may have with one of our manufacturing partners.  It appears this company has a good amount of shoe inventory for ages 6-24 months that we can use for charitable purposes!  This age span is so crucial to proper foot growth, and we are thrilled to be able to share these wonderful and healthy shoes with small children in need.

There are so many different avenues we can take with this, and we have some definite ideas of our own.  However, we would love to hear back from all of our avid readers/fan base on any ideas you have, as well.  Clearly, we don't have all of the answers, and we want to be sure to scour any and all options before putting this into play.  Thanks in advance for your ideas/suggestions!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Shoes to match for boys

We had such a great response to "with shoes to match", our blog entry where we paired little girl outfits with shoes that we carry at , that we felt the need to give a nod to to little boy outfits.  Here are a variety of looks to go back to our Tip Toey Joey line of shoes.  Enjoy!

spring outfit by Good Lad, "Fisherman" shoes by Tip Toey Joey

Stars romper by Mini Boden, "New Flashy" sneakers by Tip Toey Joey

Vest and short set by Good Lad, "New Mocky" shoes by Tip Toey Joey

Stripe romper by Tea Collection, "Urby" sneakers by Tip Toey Joey