Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What We're Wearing: Vol. 4 (Little Green Radicals)

What We're Wearing: Vol. 4 - Little Green Radicals

If you've been following Friendly Rooster at all, you know we're all about eco-friendliness and sustainability. The "What We're Wearing" series is a great opportunity to highlight brands that honor those values and for our fourth installment, Little Green Radicals is our brand of note!

Started in2005, LGR is a UK based company that produces fair-trade children's clothing. They were one of the first companies in the UK to the get fair-trade cotton certification and have always used organic cotton. Business is booming for Little Green Radicals, so much so that they decided to offer an organic skincare line as well.

Do you wonder what Friendly Rooster shoes would look like paired with LGR? Here is a bit of our vision below!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Behind the Scenes: Tip Toey Joey

One thing we are passionate about at Friendly Rooster is partnering with brands that do things differently. Tip Toey Joey is unique in that they have a very hands-on approach with their production. Everything is overseen by the creators of the brand to make sure they uphold their standards of quality, fair working conditions, etc. 

 Here are a few pictures of your favorite shoes coming together, from start to finish. Just know that you're children are getting quality products from a company that maintains fair business practices. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What We're Wearing: Vol. 3 (H&M)

It's time for another installment of "What We're Wearing" and we have decided to highlight H&M!

H&M is known for giving the everyday person accessibility to trendy, fashion-forward styles at a great price point. We love what they're doing with their children's line and are even more impressed with their sustainability efforts. 

From working to conditions to wages, H&M strives for a harmonious relationship with its employees, animals, and the environment. Check out their sustainability efforts here

This is what a partnership between Friendly Rooster and H&M might look like from our point of view. 


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What We're Wearing: Vol. 2 (Tea Collection)

It's time for another installment of "What We're Wearing" and we have decided to highlight Tea Collection.

Tea Collection. There are so many great things to say about this children’s clothing line; from its deliciously soft cotton fabric, to its global inspiration, to its vibrant pattern and color usage. The company started in 2002 and has since elevated to be the well-known company it is today. 

Tea Collection’s current inspiration is India and we may be partial, but we believe our shoes are a perfect match for their clothing! Here are some examples below of how to mix and match Tea Collection with Friendly Rooster.

Other News: We just sent out pairs of charity shoes to our partners so that impoverished American children can have a safe, dependable pair of shoes to get them off on the right foot! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

What We're Wearing: Vol.1 (Mini Boden)

Being a website that only offers shoes/accessories, we like to have fun and imagine what our shoes would be like with some of the popular children’s clothing brands on the market. In this series, "What We’re Wearing", we will highlight our products alongside our favorite clothing lines to create a complete ensemble!

First up we have Mini Boden. Mini Boden is the children’s line from a great British company called Boden. Boden introduced their line for little people in 1996 and its popularity has grown immensely. A Baby Boden offshoot was also created in 2007. 

We love Mini Boden because it is playful, colorful, and unique. The clothes go well with Friendly Rooster shoes because the pieces are vibrant and the attitude is fresh and young. Boden also shares our desire to be green by practicing ethical trade and using recycled paper for their printed materials. Learn more about these endeavors here

Here is a small sampling of what Friendly Rooster paired with Mini Boden might look like. 

What outfit ideas do you have? Any children's brands we should highlight? 
Send us pictures of your little ones in their Friendly Rooster shoes! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Well guys, it’s a new year!

As the year came to a close, we here at Friendly Rooster had a period of reflection over the last 365 days. What worked, what didn’t, what will the new year hold? All of those questions crossed our minds and while 2014 was amazing, we can’t help but believe 2015 will be even better! 

Trying new things served us well and we intend to keep the theme going next year. We plan to bring popup shops to different cities around the United States and need YOUR help deciding where! 

Another change will be the introduction of brands that have a charitable approach. Friendly Rooster currently has an initiative called Share Your Love of Shoes™ which you can read about here. In 2015, our aim is to partner with other shoes brands that fit within our vision:

  • developmentally appropriate 
  • charitable/philanthropic
  • unique

Friendly Rooster strives to be a company that stands for something and gives back in some form or fashion, so we are super excited! 

Do you want for us to bring a popup shop to your city? Do you have ideas/feedback for our year ahead? We want to hear them!