Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chicken has a hangover!

So, we were walking around NYC this week and came across the most amazing plush line ever known to man (well, that is besides the stuffed diseases spotted at FAO Schwartz a few years back...we are not should check them out for a good laugh at ).  Anyway, the stuffed animal line we saw and fell in love with is called Jellycat London. The first one was spotted at a local store in Soho, and it is a stuffed hen that looks like it had a rough night.  Turns out its name is Matilda seen here...

How flippin hysterical is this?!?!?!

We inquired about the line to the sales associate, and she said they are amazing and showed us some other models in the store.  The information was taken note of, and we went on our merry way.  Later that night we popped into one of our favorite stores...Anthropologie.  Now, the Anthro we stopped in is not normal.  It's the Rockefeller Plaza Anthro.  Think...Anthropologie on steroids!  So, while walking in the gifting section what do we find???  Jellycat stuffed animals.  That night we went back to the hotel and looked up the plush dolls on line and contacted the USA sales rep.  We're communicating back and forth, and hopefully they will make an appearance on Friendly Rooster (it looks favorable...yay!).

Here are some more of our favorites that we saw in store and on line....enjoy!

Stuffed Aardvark anyone???

If we said "stuffed Jackass" you think mom's would still buy it?

Stuffed spider?  Or torture device for your 2 year old?

An owl pretending to be a 150 year old man...

Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did when we first saw them....

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