Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to know we exist...

This week has been all about advertising and marketing.  First we learned about a cool marketing tool on Facebook.  We also took a free class, eloquently titled "Demystifying Google Adwords and Adsense".  Stupid title, but most informative class (and entertaining one) yet!

We found a way to list surveys on our site.  One of our goals with this company is to make it more "democratic". We like the idea of showing potential buys to our customers and Facebook "fans" to get their feedback before placing a buy.  Naturally, we want to offer them what it is that they want to buy.  Luckily, Facebook allows us to do that.  We can create surveys with pictures, showing product and asking folks to vote on it.  Awesome!  Now the key is to get our vendors to allow us to show their product prior to a season starting.  We got two of them to agree to it.  Hopefully more will soon follow.

In addition, the Google class was great.  The instructor was very knowledgeable, hilariously entertaining (let's just say that he used real life examples from one of his clients' that sold "natural male stimulants"), and was approachable/open to our annoying questions.  He showed us how to use Google analytics and gave us tips on the best (and least expensive) ways to build our sites to allow ease of marketing within google.

Both Facebook and Google are tools that we are going to have to become very knowledgeable about in the coming months.  They are definitely going to help get the word about our online business.  It's a world we are not yet familiar with, but it's so exciting to learn!

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