Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ethical Brand Spotlight: Tip Toey Joey

At www.friendlyrooster.com, we love to promote brands who are ethical.  Our best selling brand, Tip Toey Joey, is a fantastic example of this.  The company was started by husband and wife team, Scott and Ana.  They are a great example of partners who both bring excellent strengths to the table while balancing the other one out.  They constantly strive to push the brand forward while still maintaining its roots...a very delicate balancing act, indeed!  Here is a little of their back story from Tip Toey Joey's Brazilian website:

When our daughter was born, our world changed completely. Those eyes, that nose, those feet – we were absolutely in love. When we couldn’t find shoes worthy of those beautiful little feet, we set out to make our own.
Created by an Australian dad and Brazilian mum, Tip Toey Joey shoes carry our passion for kids and design, as well as a good dose of real parental practicality. From our original Baby line to our Toddler and Junior collections, Tip Toey Joey shoes are healthy, high-quality and comfortable – because we design them for our very own daughter.
When we introduced our first shoes to Australia back in 2007, we knew we had something good, but we never imagined we’d get this far, growing from a small, local business to a well-respected, worldwide brand.
We are incredibly proud of Tip Toey Joey – a business we affectionately call “our second child” – and we look forward to sharing our beloved little shoes with your family for years to come.

The goodness of Scott and Ana also shows through in the factory where they produce their shoes.  As retailers, we've toured many a factory in our collective days.  Most of them were not even close to the horror stories you hear about in the news, but each one of them made us thankful for our current jobs/lifestyle.  The Tip Toey Joey factory, however, actually looks like someplace we, ourselves, would like to set up shop.  They crank out super cute and stylish shoes, yet they still manage to enjoy themselves in the process.  Check out these photos and be rest assured that when you buy Tip Toey Joey shoes, you're making a purchase from an ethical company that you can feel good about supporting!  

And if these photos don't do the trick, don't forget about their Share Your Love of Shoes™ program where for every pair of TTJ shoes you purchase, we donate a pair of TTJ shoes to a beginning walker in need...

Here's a little bit of the Children's Day celebration party at the Tip Toey Joey's factory based in Franca, where all kids - employee's daughters and sons - were invited to express their imagination!

This was an image from last fall's marketing campaign

And here are folks at the factory having fun with the mask used in the marketing images

More fun with marketing images on the factory floor

A nice relaxing evening at the end of the day after a job well done