Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WAY cool!!!!

Today, if you type in www.friendlyrooster.com you will see this:


Ok, maybe the Hawaiian shirt is a question mark, seeing that we won’t be carrying those on the site.  But still, we all got super excited when we saw it.  Our web guy rocks!!!!

So, what else is happening?  Mostly it is a bunch of not so exciting stuff, but necessary at the same time.  Bank account is set up.  Credit card and line of credit is in works.  Following up with vendors on product shots and any product info they can send our way.  Writing copy (which will be exciting at some point, but for now not so much...).  Filing paper work, setting up the office, finishing up assortments, talking to accountants, researching merchant services, and procrastinating where we can still get away with it.  Oh…add to that:  Holiday shopping, taking care of our own kids (trying to get them to do ANYTHING that doesn’t involve video games…unless we need a break…then it’s “game on”), trying to have a social lives..etc, etc, etc.

Whew...we're gonna need a vacation!!!

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