Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We are sitting on the plane on our way to LA to visit the showrooms, look at product, reconnect with old vendors, and collect countless email addresses and brochures.  It will be good to see some old business partners.  That being said, we're sure to be surprised at how unimportant we will be to these vendors since we will not have the buying power of a larger store (which has been our experience with past companies).  Offering product online versus in 20 (or 750) stores are completely different ballgames.

We are still all over the board in terms of what the product offering will be.  Considerations?

  • What age span do we want to carry?  Start with Baby and grow into kids?  Start with baby AND      kids?
  • What penetration is boys to girls: (depends on categories carried)
  • How many different vendors do we want to do business with?
  • Which product categories do we want to feature?
- Feet (shoes, sox, tights, leggings, leg warmers)
-Head (hats, clips, bows, bands)
-Bags (back packs, snack bags, diaper bags, slings/carriers, purses for little girls)
-Cold Weather (scarves, hats, mittens, mufflers, boots, ponchos)
-Playtime (books, plush, costumes, toys)

Once we get to touch and feel the product we will have a better idea of which direction to head.  Then once we get back to NC and lay out the product and brochures we'll feel more solid.

Today the LLC paperwork was sent in, so we’re moving along.  We’ve also put together my launch schedule.  Not sharing the details yet, as we also don’t want to jinx the start date..but stay tuned.

(As a side note, would the dude standing up in the back of the plane and running his mouth incessantly PLEASE sit down and stop talking.  Already been in the air 2 hours…if he keeps this up it’s gonna be a looooooong flight!!!!)

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