Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Website madness...

We JUST got off the phone with the web developer.  Luckily one of us, we're not saying which one, joined a fraternity back in the day and happens to have a bro that does web design/development.  The guy is helping us out on his own time for a nominal fee (and we do mean nominal).  We're am so excited after speaking with him!!!!

So...where are we now???

LLC and Fed ID...check
Logo/Icon in works...check
Business credit card ordered...check
Native, Me in Mind, Neon Eaters, and Mad Pax inventory ordered....check

To do in the near future:
-meet with web design to build template
-meet with logo/icon guy to finalize (in time to show to web design)
-finalize Tip Toey Joey....REALLY want this product on the site!!!
-finalize rest of assortment

Lots to do...fun times!!!!

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