Friday, March 23, 2012

In honor of Mad Men returning!

One of our favorite shows we all watch and talk about at is Mad Men. This show is so fantastic...the clothes, the stories, the one liners...and of course enjoying Jon Hamm on the screen for TWO HOURS during the season premier...complete heaven!

In honor of the show returning to Sunday nights, we have decided to pay tribute to Kiernan Shipka, the adorable and talented actress who plays Sally Draper.  Here she is in some of our favorite "Sally moments" from the show, as well as images of her out and about....

Great episode where Sally drives for Grandpa Gene

Being allowed to play with a plastic bag...weren't the 60's grand?!?!

Learning that her dad just scored Beatles tickets

Shopping for Christmas trees with brother, Bobby

Sitting in dad's office chair after running away from home

At the Emmy's

Hanging with dad, Don Draper (you know we had to find a way to sneak in an image of Jon Hamm)

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