Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another happy customer

One of the absolute BEST parts of our jobs at is receiving pictures from our satisfied customers (well...the KIDS of those satisfied customers...).  Here is the latest...

Meet Berlin (isn't that name fantastic?!?!?!)

She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina (I think we're seeing a theme here...maybe we should introduce Berlin and Miles, our last customer share).  She loves flirting, blowing bubbles, nap time, and shoes.  Yes, we said!  Berlin's poor mama cannot take her Tip Toey Joey Peppy Sandals off, or Berlin is quite the unhappy child.  That is the second time we've heard that about these shoes.  I think that means the little ones love 'em!  Here is 2 more great pics of Berlin enjoying the outdoors in her new sandals!

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