Monday, April 20, 2015

What We're Wearing: Vol.1 (Mini Boden)

Being a website that only offers shoes/accessories, we like to have fun and imagine what our shoes would be like with some of the popular children’s clothing brands on the market. In this series, "What We’re Wearing", we will highlight our products alongside our favorite clothing lines to create a complete ensemble!

First up we have Mini Boden. Mini Boden is the children’s line from a great British company called Boden. Boden introduced their line for little people in 1996 and its popularity has grown immensely. A Baby Boden offshoot was also created in 2007. 

We love Mini Boden because it is playful, colorful, and unique. The clothes go well with Friendly Rooster shoes because the pieces are vibrant and the attitude is fresh and young. Boden also shares our desire to be green by practicing ethical trade and using recycled paper for their printed materials. Learn more about these endeavors here

Here is a small sampling of what Friendly Rooster paired with Mini Boden might look like. 

What outfit ideas do you have? Any children's brands we should highlight? 
Send us pictures of your little ones in their Friendly Rooster shoes! 

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