Sunday, April 21, 2013

Movin' on up

We know...we're an online shoe store, not a 70's sit-com.  But we feel as good as the Jefferson's did in their new "deluxe apartment in the sky" now that we have some new features at  Let us fill you in:

1)  Live Chat
Hans, our Manager of Customer Service, is super excited about this one.  Now when the "Hey there! How can I help you" logo is up, customers have the option to IM their questions and concerns.  Many websites have this feature, and now we are proud to do we!

2) Related Products
This feature is fantastic.  Every time an item sells, the site records what is bought along with it.  The site then compiles this information over time and makes recommendations to customers based on what other customers have bought.

So, more cool stuff will be coming our way, but that's what we have to report so far.  Progress is good!

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