Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why Native Footwear?

Here at, we love when we receive emails such as this:

"I was just on your site looking for the new Miller style your Facebook page said would be in soon.  We absolutely love the Natives (my son pretty much has a tan with spots on top of his feet from wearing them all summer) and we get so many compliments on them - I also have had two Moms telling me that they would love a pair for themselves! He wears them in and out of the pool and pretty much everywhere else. Completely waterproof and they stay on your feet, (unlike Crocs), plus they are much BETTER LOOKING!"

We get it.  Native shoes are totally rad.  That's why we carry them on our site. And it's why we've sold out more than once of these fantastic styles.  Besides the cool product they produce, their marketing is unreal.  Remember Red Fraggle??? She loves the Miller in red (as seen here).

Native shoes, the brand, is a Vancouver-based footwear label made with injected molded EVA, a material that’s so lightweight yet is virtually indestructible. Known for its fabulous fit, the secSo neret behind the brand is the EVA that molds to the shape of the wearer’s feet. The brand is about the ease and simplicity of classic designs.  Chuck Taylors, Keds, boat shoes...these all are known styles that we love.  And just look at this host of shoe benefits:

  • cool factor
  • water proof
  • washable
  • slip on styling for easy on/off
  • molds to your feet
  • low emission manufacturing process
  • zero waste injected molds
  • odor resistant
  • anti microbial
  • no animal bi-product (read: vegan!)
  • incredibly well priced
  • fun colors that look great with everything

New colors are hitting our site in late August through mid-September.  Keep checking it back, and as the Native Footwear brand slogan says......."Keep It Lite"

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