Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friendly Rooster gives back

We're excited to announce that we are just about ready to launch our charitable initiative!  The official launch date will be Mother's Day Weekend. and Tip Toey Joey are partnering to create Share Your Love of Shoes™.  With this program, when a customer purchases any size or style of Tip Toey Joey shoes, we will donate a new pair of Tip Toey Joey infant shoes to a beginning walker in need.

Why a beginning walker?  Because proper footwear is key to the development of growing feet.  They help with posture, foot development, and balance.  Tip Toey Joey infant shoes provide traction and protection (and style), yet their flexibility allows the growing foot to sense irregularities in the ground (which is key in learning to walk).  Also, kids love new shoes.  It's the one piece of "clothing" that they like to receive.  We've actually experienced several children get super excited for their new shoes, then turn around and cry when you try to take them off their feet.  So, we take that shoes = happy infant!

So, what has made the launch date possible?  First of all, the shoes we are donating are almost at the warehouse.  Second, we found our first charitable organization to partner with. We love the concept of this foundation.  When little ones are taken from their home due to unfortunate circumstances, they are separated from not just their parents and home but also their possessions.  These little ones enter shelters/foster care with nothing.  The My Stuff Bags Foundation provides these children with new belongings...and new hope along with it.

We will eventually add 3 or 4 more charities to our list and allow customers to choose which organization they want their shoes to be donated to.  But while we are setting up the other charities, we feel this is an extremely worthy cause to begin with.

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